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The Obstacle Course

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I found this post quite helpful. It is written by Glen Robinson. See if you like it too.

The Great Adventure

I’m sitting in the library classroom at our university, where I teach my Narrative Writing class. The final exam is scheduled for 7:30 Wednesday morning, but I have offered to let students take the final exam this morning and get it out of the way. One caveat: they have to have their final project done when they come in for the final exam. What’s the final project? They are to write the first 50 pages for a novel, along with a storyline for the entire book.

For those who have written books before, the first 50 pages is no big deal. But for those who haven’t, it is monumental. Yesterday I had one of my students stop me in the library and ask me what to do about writer’s block. Trouble is, I have several answers for that. It comes down to what the problem is caused by. Is it a…

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