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Speak Up For Your Freedom Of Expression

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I just read Romilla Thapar’s article published today in The Hindu newspaper in which she argues for the need to speak up for our freedom of expression as a community in the following words:

“It is time now that we all start asserting that we too represent a community in society, and that our sentiments are deeply hurt when freedom of expression is denied to us. We do not stamp out other people’s rights, but we do have to defend our right to express ourselves.”
(Romila Thapar in The Hindu dated 13 March 2015)

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Learning From One Another

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Yesterday, I read Amartya Sen’s article titled ‘Learning from One Another’, which was published in The Hindu on 15th January 2015. This article is actually an excerpt form his speech given in Infosys Science Prize Ceremony.
martya Sen has beautifully explained how we can enrich our learning experience by learning from others as well as by sharing our learning with each other. His illustration of the history of the term ‘sine’ summed up the role sharing of knowledge can play in the generation of knowledge. Reading about the rich cultural history of the term ‘sine’ was fascinating. You can read this article by clicking the following link. Hope you enjoy reading it.